Magazine Articles

Art in America

After Columbus” (October 2017): 86-91.

First American Art Magazine

“Seven Directions.” First American Art Magazine (Summer 2020):14-17.

American Indian (Publication of the Smithsonian’s National Museum of the American Indian)

“Together We Lift The Sky: yəhaw̓ and Black-Indigenous Artists Advance Social Justice,” (Winter 2020): 18-23. [Art, Social Justice, Indigenous, Black Lives Matter, Joelle Joyner, Paige Pettibon, Storme Webber, yehaw]

“Mending the Border: The Indigenous Eye of Postcommodity,” (Summer 2017): 12-21. [Art, Indigenous, Installation Art, Multimedia, U.S./Mexico border, Repellent Fence, A Very Long Line, Coyotaje, Raven Chacon, Cristobal Martinez, Kade Twist]

“Tohono O’odham and the Border Wall,” (Summer 2017): 22-23. [Tohono O’odham, U.S./Mexico border, Land, Borderlands, Arizona, Sonora, Mexico, Border Wall/Fence]

Pablita Abeyta: Completing the Circle,” (Summer 2017):  48-53. [Art, Navajo, Dine, Ceramics, NMAI legislation, Pablita Abeyta]

“Outside the Walls: Indigenous Public Art,” (Fall 2016): 14-17, 19-24, 26-27.  [Art, Public Art, Sculpture, Murals, Rick Bartow, Nanibah Chacon, Lewis deSoto, Allan Houser, George Morrison, Gerald Nailor, Nora Naranjo-Morse, Marcus “Breeze” Thomas, Bobby Wilson]

“Rick Bartow Art on View at Yale University,” (Fall 2016): 18-19. [Art, Wiyot, Rick Bartow, Yale University Art Gallery]

“Athena LaTocha: The Presence of Monumentality.” (Summer 2016): 14-17, 19-22. [Art, Painting, New York, Alaska, CUE Art Foundation, Hunkpapa Lakota, Ojibway]

“Ashley Callingbull Burnham: A Celebrity Voice against Abuse.” (Winter 2015): 39-41. [Canada, Cree, Mrs. Universe pageant, Murdered and Missing Indigenous Women]

“Sliver of a Full Moon: Changing Hearts, Minds, and Legislation.” (Winter 2015): 32-35. [Violence Against Women Act, Native women, performing arts, federal law]

“Jason Momoa’s Road to Paloma.” (Winter 2014): 40-41. [actor, Kanaka Maoli, The Red Road, Road to Paloma]

“Chris Wondolowski: Heading for the World Cup.” (Spring 2014): 44-47. [Major League Soccer, San Jose Earthquakes, Nike N7, World Cup, Kiowa]

“A Tribe Called Red: DJs and Decolonizing.” (Winter 2013): 22-28. [Music, DJ, First Nations, Mascots, Ojibway, Cayuga, Ottawa, Canada]

“Native Chic: The Fashion Photography of Thosh Collins.” (Fall 2013): 40-41. [Art, Photography, Fashion, Reappropriation Project, Salt River]

“Healing by Carving: The Rick Bartow Cedar Poles.” (Fall 2012): 14-15, 18, 20-23. [Art, Oregon, Pacific Coast, Carving, Wiyot]

“Reclaiming the Landscape: The Art of Lewis deSoto.” (Fall 2012): 24-30. [Art, Installation, California, Tahquitz, Cahuilla, Bird Songs]

“The 1491s Occupy the Web.” (Spring 2012): 38-43.  [Comedy, Performance, Social Commentary, YouTube, Activism]

“Healthy Food and Himdag: The Desert Rain Café Promotes O’odham Culture through Good Eating.” (Winter 2011): 42-45, 47. [Tohono O’odham, TOCA, Desert Rain Cafe, Agriculture, Arizona, Desert, Diabetes, Traditional Foods, Youth]

“Making an Impression: Crow’s Shadow Institute of the Arts.” (Fall 2011): 42-47. [Art, Printmaking, Oregon, Umatilla, Pendleton, James Lavadour, Frank Janzen]

“Debra Yepa-Pappan: Chicago Artist.” (Summer 2011): 12-15, 18-19. [Art, Digital, Photography, Chicago, Jemez Pueblo, Korean]

“Native Storytellers: Sharing Timeless Wisdom in Modern Times.” (Winter 2010): 34-37, 39. [Storytelling, Elaine Grinnell, Lloyd Arneach, Danny Lopez, S’Klallam, Eastern Band Cherokee, Tohono O’odham]

“Ras K’dee: The Healing Power of Songs.” (Summer 2010): 23-26. [Music, Rap, Hip hop, Pomo, California, Audiopharmacy, SNAG]

“Alex Meraz: Staying Grounded.” (Fall 2009): 36-37, 44. [Film, Acting, Twilight movies, Wolf Pack, Purepecha]

“The Real Quileute Nation: No Vampires beyond this Point.” (Fall 2009): 38- 39. [Quileute, Twilight movies, Washington, La Push]

“Rose Bean Simpson: 3-D Poet.” (Fall 2009): 14-19. [Art, Sculpting, Painting, Clay, Santa Clara Pueblo, New Mexico]

“Dela Longfish: Native in the New Media Shapes the Gamer’s World.” (Spring 2009): 18-23. [Concept Art, Video Games, Lucas Arts, Seneca, Tuscarora, Armenian]

“Remarkable Story Uncovered.” (Spring 2002): 24-25. [Art, Silver, William Spratling, Indian Arts and Crafts Board, Mexico, Alaska]

News from Native California (a publication of Heyday Books)

“All That Remains: Sharing Stories of Native California in Connecticut, An Exhibition at Yale University.” News from Native California 27, no. 2 (Winter 2013-2014): 18-21.

Yale Alumni Magazine

Journey: Object Lesson,” Yale Alumni Magazine 80, no. 6 (July/August 2017): 48.

[Art, Indigenous, Rick Bartow, Yale University, Beinecke Library]


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