Article on Public Art

The fall 2016 issue of American Indian magazine features my article on public artworks created by Native artists in the United States. The magazine pitched the idea to me, and immediately I was interested in exploring the topic.

I had many questions.

  • What constitutes public art? Can’t petroglyphs and pictographs be public art?
  • What are the classifications of public art (memorials, murals, etc.)?
  • How did Native artists receive these public art commissions?
  • Are there certain areas of the U.S. with more works by Native artists (Oklahoma, the American Southwest)?
  • Where do these artworks reside (government buildings, airports, universities)?
  • Alaska often gets overlooked in discussions about Native art. What works can be found in Alaska?
  • What about graffiti artists and murals in alleys?

It was a wonderful assignment. I am thankful to artists and scholars who answered my questions about specific artworks and sent me images. And the article layout is beautiful. To read the article, visit Montiel, Anya. “Outside the Walls: Indigenous Public Art.” American Indian (Fall 2016): 14-17, 19-24, 26-27.


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